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Kathleen Hanold

Kathleen Hanold


MEET THE ACUPUNCTURIST: Kathleen C. Hanold, RN, MS, LAc., Dipl.Ac.

Kathleen (“Kathy”) Hanold is an experienced health care practitioner with more than 30 years of nursing practice background in some of our nation’s leading medical centers, most recently with the University of Chicago. She has both undergraduate and masters degrees in nursing from Loyola University and University of Illinois, Chicago.

Ten years ago, she made a decision to pursue Chinese medicine training after a “seed” had been planted on a visit to China in 1980. Kathy, who had always been interested in holistic approaches to health, saw practitioners at work in hospitals, clinics and fields, honing their craft of healing with acupuncture and other modalities. That experience was transformative.

Today, Kathy is a licensed, board certified practitioner in Acupuncture, having graduated from one of the largest/busiest training programs in the country, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago. Additionally, she has continued her professional development including course work in acupuncture for the cancer patient from Memorial Sloan-Kettering, a leading national cancer center. Kathy is also a trained Mai Zen practitioner for facial rejuvenation.

Kathy has a wide range of clinical interests including pain management, degenerative vision loss, facial rejuvenation, stress reduction, cancer, surgery and stroke recovery, women’s health, primary wellness, addictions and digestive disorders.

Kathy is now offering Retinitis Pigmentosa Protocol

Kathy studied and tested at John Hopkins University and developed by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb,LAc. Contact her at 773-885-1819 for additional details.

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