Facial Rejuvenation – MeiZen™

Kathy has been trained in the Mei Zen™

Cosmetic Acupuncture System tm for face and neck. This system treats imbalances in the body plus uses needles on the face and neck to increase the balance of “qi” and blood flowing to this area. This system of facial rejuvenation, featured in the New York Times and Oprah, obtains great cosmetic results while improving over all health. With improved complexion and elasticity, younger women can focus on preventing lines and wrinkles while older women can level the deepening of wrinkles. This treatment can bring multi-year results sustained by lifestyle changes and monthly visits to support optimal health and beauty.
This treatment regimen involves 11 sessions for optimal results. Packages are available.

See before and after photographs at www.CosmeticAcupunctureSeminars.com/results.html

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