Cold laser therapy

Cold laser or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the application of laser light over injuries, lesions, burns, pain, inflammation and other disorders to stimulate healing within those tissues and cells. It has been studied for over 30 years and is now commonly used worldwide to successfully treat many kinds of musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive stress injuries and for acupoint therapies because it promotes healing and tissue repair. LLLT has also been found to be an extremely successful treatment for alcohol & drug addiction, weight control, and smoking cessation.

How do Cold Lasers work?

When laser light is absorbed by a living tissue, it triggers biological reactions in the cells. Chemical substances are produced, released and carried by blood and lymphatic flow to other parts of the system. In this way the effects of cold laser light may not be only local, but can also achieve wide systemic effects. Here are some of the specific physiological responses:

Reduction in pain by causing the production of natural pain killer endorphins.
Reduction in inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, pain, and heat and enhance the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes.
Enhanced lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation and speeds healing.
Release of tight muscles that create chronic pain, joint problems, and decreased mobility.
Faster bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation.
Low level lasers in the correct frequency appear to be anti viral and antifungal.
What Health Conditions Can Cold Laser Be Applied To?

Cold Lasers may work for acute or chronic injuries, pain or inflammation. These are some of the conditions where it can be helpful:

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Headaches and migraines
Back, neck and shoulder pain
Burns and cuts
Tennis Elbow
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Chronic Fatigue
Migraine headaches
Are Cold Lasers safe?

Cold lasers are called “cold” because they do not induce any temperature change in the body’s tissues. It is a safe, painless and medication-free treatment with virtually no negative side effects. It has been used in England, Canada and Europe for over 20 years with no documented adverse side effects. Laser therapy is a non-medical procedure and is respected by many physicians as a highly effective treatment. Several companies are currently participating in a study by the FDA to validate the effectiveness of these lasers. Countless patients are raving about their successful treatment.

How do I use Cold Lasers in my practice?

I have found the use of Cold Lasers to be a great tool when used in combination with acupuncture. Patients report quicker recovery time from acute injuries, chronic pain and overall, the effects of the acupuncture treatment are enhanced leading to a faster recovery. In addition to using the laser for pain, I also use it to enhance treatments to stop smoking, for weight loss and also for facial rejuvenation.

For patients who prefer not to use acupuncture needles, the Cold Laser can be used by itself to stimulate the acupuncture points as well as release tight painful areas in the body. Pain responds very well to the Cold Laser but I also like to use it for digestive, circulatory and respiratory issues.

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